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Sterile & Clean

Our professionals at Kitchens Ink uses all disposable, single-packaged needles, equipment, and disposables every time. All of our artists have training in disease prevention, blood-borne pathogens, and proper precautions for each procedure.

Friendly Environment

We want you to feel at ease while getting your tattoo. We keep a clean shop with lots of local art, playing relaxing music for you. Our friendly staff would love to talk with you about any of your questions or concerns, getting to know you a bit to execute the right tattoo for you.

Creative Artistry

Walk-ins are welcome. Our team is happy to help you come up with an idea, draw yours out first, or accurately render a design you bring in. We can help pair you with the artist best suited to your vision or desired style.

What Our Clients Say

For my first review in Denver as a (very) recent transplant, it felt appropriate to pick a place where I had a wonderful experience. I suppose this also acts as the kick-off to the continuation of my Portland, OR project of getting tattooed at as many different shops as possible. All for the reviews, of course. My partner and I made appointments at Kitchen's Ink to have our complementary (NOT matching!) tattoos done. A key and an escutcheon. (No, *I* got the key. He got the keyhole.) Joe took our relatively vague designs and quickly finished beautiful designs, incorporating some of his own suggestions which he ran by us first, and ultimately made the finished products that much more beautiful. Joe was incredibly pleasant to talk to throughout the process, which is quite a feat when one is being tattooed on the back of the calf. His conversation is easy and fluid, yet he was completely understanding when I had to bury my head in my arms and grit my teeth. He tattooed both of us in under two hours and even gave us a buddy discount on our tattoos, which resulted in a much lower price than I'd anticipated. I'd go back here again and again.
Portland, OR
I am incredibly impressed with the quality of the tattoo and great service. Trent, my tattoo artist, is incredibly easy to work with, friendly, and helped me with my design. The tattoo turned out even better then I could have imagined, all thanks to his work. The quality is impeccable, and he was also very patience and efficient. The shop is clean and comfortable to hang out in for a few hours. The cost is great for tattoo work, and was even less than originally quoted--and I really liked the fact I wasn't over charged. (A couple of tips: make sure you have an appointment and pay in cash, sometimes hours vary and the artist really appreciates the cash.) I highly recommend this place, you won't be sorry you had work done here--especially for a serious commitment such as a tattoo.
Jason L.
Denver, CO
I got my first tattoo here over the weekend by Jam. Me and my daughter got matching tattoos and it was a very special event for us- we were on a trip from california before she goes off to college. I can understand a few of the comments about the attitudes when we first got there- but it's kind of what I expected from tattoo artists, when chicks come in wanting flowers lol. He warmed up a ton after we started talking and was actually very sweet and funny. We had a great time and he helped make my first tattoo experience a positive one. We came in as drop ins and they got us right in. I had 2 pictures, from which Jam drew the perfect combination of both. I was so nervous I could barely stand but quickly relaxed once we got started. We are so happy with the results! Also they play really cool old school music and the place has a cool vibe and is very clean and hygienic.
Heather F.
Capitola, CA
Got my first tattoo from Trent a few weeks ago. I absolutely love my tattoo and it turned out better than I imagined. He helped me pick the right script and tattooed me a few hours later. The tattoo healed perfectly. I can't wait to go back!
Sam S.
Ravenswood, Chicago, IL
I had a great experience here. Vibe was comfortable and process was easy. This was my first big piece and Jessica did an amazing job. She created beautiful art, collaborated well with me, had a light touch and was great to talk to during the 4 hours I was there.
Laura F.
Denver, CO
The high caliber reputation of this shop is well deserved. Its a nice combo of clean professionalism mixed with honest and upfront character in the setting of elite talent and artistic freedom. I had the pleasure of working with Jessica and cannot say enough about how much she impressed me.While at a pool, I was struck by a couple of incredible tattoos on a stranger. They were so well done, I was inspired to ask where the gal got them. Jessica had done both.I researched a little bit, found her work to be next-level amd well within my design field. I contacted her via the Kitchens Ink website. We discussed a few ideas over email, then I sat for a quick consult. She took some measurements and further assessed my concept and set a date for the session. A few weeks later she shared some design ideas/examples with me for final approval. Then i came in, sat for a few hours and left with a bad ass piece of art that I absolutely love.Everything was done professionally and with great attention to my specific desires and ideas. She listened to what I had to say, why I wanted the particular piece I did, and offered her own artistic contribution amd guidance to the project.I was impressed thoroughly at every step. I endorse her and the shop as a whole fully. Amd I already have plans to add more work down the line.100 percent satisfied customer. Awesome shop. Awesome artist. Thank you!
Denver, CO

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