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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do tattoos cost?

Each of our artists charges $125-$150 per hour. We have a shop minimum of $100.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! At Kitchens’ Ink we accept cash and credit card (not american express or discover), no checks please!

Should I tip my tattoo artist?

Tipping is a common practice within tattoo shops if you are pleased with the work. This is not mandatory and anything you offer is always appreciated!

How do I start the tattoo process?

Calling or emailing us is a great way to start. Have a look through our artist’s profile pages and choose who you might like to work with. If you email us, some useful information to include is; subject matter of tattoo (this can include reference images), size, placement, whether or not you want color, and budget. An artist will reply shortly after with their availability and instructions on how to move forward in the process.

Do you accept walk ins?

We do accept walk-ins! However, it is always better to phone or email in beforehand to make sure one of our artists is available to work with you.

What is the price of my tattoo going to be?

When you make the decision to get a tattoo, it is important to evaluate your budget.  There are several things that factor into the cost of a tattoo. Color, placement, level of difficulty, size, level of detail are some of these elements. These factors usually account for the amount of time that an artist will spend on the tattoo. The more time an artist needs to complete the tattoo, the higher the cost. Because there are so many factors that change with each tattoo, it can be nearly impossible to give an accurate estimate over the phone. Of the many things you should be concerned with when choosing a tattoo artist/studio, pricing shouldn’t be the number one factor. Whereas a tattoo shop’s offer of a ‘sweet deal’ on a tattoo may be enticing, be sure that they aren’t making this offer in order to compensate for other factors. Good things to consider are: Does the shop produce work at the highest possible standards? Is the shop clean? Does the staff make you feel welcomed and safe? Are they using the highest quality of equipment to ensure the safest environment? Cheap prices can sound very appealing, but may lead to poorly done work, or even worse, infection and disease.

Will you fix my old tattoo?

In many cases yes, but it is always good to come in and have a professional evaluate the state of your tattoo and what we can do for it.

Will you cover up my tattoo?

In many cases, yes it is possible to cover up an old tattoo. However there are some circumstances where it might be advisable to have a few sessions of tattoo removal prior to beginning your cover-up.

Can I bring in my own image?

Absolutely! Most artists will bring their own artistic style/ tattoo knowledge to each design, but bringing in your own image gives the tattoo artist a great start!

Will my tattoo fade?

Over time, tattoos will change due to exposure of external elements and the aging process of the skin. It is a part of skin’s nature to stretch, shrink, shed, and age with time. A tattoo’s longevity can also have to do with the way it is taken care of, from the initial application to the healed product. Most of the time, tattoos will heal quickly and easily within a few weeks. In order to ensure that excessive scabbing is prevented, the tattoo must be kept moisturized with the appropriate product. The sun is a tattoos #1 enemy. Sun tans/burns will be the factor that makes your tattoo fade the fastest. If you want to keep your tattoo looking brilliant once it heals, make sure you cover it with high-grade sunscreen as well as clothing. 

How do I prepare to get tattooed?

We suggest eating a good meal and staying hydrated before your tattoo. It is also helpful to get plenty of rest and avoid drinking alcohol prior to your tattoo. The better you take care of your body, the fewer complications you will have. It is equally important to choose your clothing wisely. If you are getting a tattoo on your upper arm, bring a tank top. If you are getting a piece on your thigh, wear comfortably loose-fitting shorts. If you are getting a chest piece, don’t wear a turtleneck!

Can I bring my children?

It is important to talk to your artist before you get tattooed if you need to bring your child. While you are being tattoed our attention is 100% on YOU and our craft, because of this we cannot be responsible for what your kid is doing. You cannot be responsible for them during the tattooing process either, so there will need to be someone to take care of them. If they are over a certain age and need to come, please make sure they have plenty to keep them occupied. 

Is it safe to get tattooed?

At Kitchens' Ink, absolutely! We use only the highest-grade sterilized & disposable materials to tattoo you. Each artist has a blood-borne pathogens certification, as well as a professional tattoo artist license.

Is your equipment sterile?

At a professional tattoo studio, each artist will use only new needles every time and sterilize all equipment after each use. We use a steam-pressured hospital-grade autoclave to sterilize our stainless steel equipment, after using a series of liquid cleaners to remove debris from said equipment. Tattoo ink is dispensed from bottles into small disposable caps in preparation for the tattoo. The artist should use disposable gloves while handling all of the exposed equipment. Any equipment that comes in contact with the tattoo or contaminated area will be sterilized thoroughly between uses. The artist should remove a pre-sterilized needle and tube from a blister package when setting up for the tattoo. Any area that could be exposed to bodily fluids is covered in a sanitary layer of plastic. We do not re-use any equipment that may come into contact with bodily fluids.

Do you have parking?

We don't have any dedicated parking spots.  Santa Fe is 2 hour street parking, however if you go 1 block east Inca has no time limit. 

There is also a pay parking lot located between 7th and 8th that is less than $5. 

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